Jawbone’s plan to relaunch itself as a medical device company has been leaked by Bloomberg. more

18 Aug 2017 14:55 News

Medical devices and wearables could benefit from Harvard’s self-healing rubber more

15 Aug 2017 11:22 News

A medical device has been created to stimulate an immune response against dangerous airborne pathogens. more

11 Aug 2017 14:15 Devices

A wearable device has launched that can stimulate the brain into burning more fat. more

8 Aug 2017 11:15 Devices

Joachim Schäfer, managing director of Messe Düsseldorf offered an early glimpse at Compamed 2017 last week. Here’s five things we think you can expect from the show this year. more

1 Aug 2017 12:15 Opinion

A recent clinical trial has tested a disposable wearable patch that can be used to detect obstructive sleep apnoea. more

5 Jun 2017 10:40 Devices

A wearable medical device that monitors kidney function and could reduce transplant patients’ time in hospital has scooped April’s Merseyside Innovation Award (MIA). more

18 May 2017 09:33 News

Central Manchester Foundation Trust's Research and Innovation Division is offering £50,000 funding as part of a programme of support for research and innovation more

3 May 2017 14:13 News

Current test standards and methodologies are leaving the wearable device market vulnerable to potential risks as the technology rapidly evolves. more

2 Mar 2017 15:30 News

Global provider of silicones and silicon-based technology, Dow Corning, is exhibiting at MD&M West in Anaheim this year. more

8 Feb 2017 10:30 News

Research and consulting firm GlobalData has predicted 2017 to be a changeable and productive year for the medical device industry. more

16 Dec 2016 10:40 News

Covestro, a provider of custom polyurethane films and raw materials, has presented a working prototype of its smart wearable patch. more

15 Nov 2016 12:25 Devices

A new wearable device that can help detect and prevent oncoming asthma attacks has been developed by medical device company, Quvium. more

27 Sep 2016 10:25 News

Despite new research, Fitbit studies show positive results for wearable fitness trackers. more

21 Sep 2016 15:40 Devices

So apparently fitness trackers “offer no weight-loss and can actually make users fatter”. Not only that but these evil little devices also run the risk of sabotaging your diet and might not keep your weight off long term. more

21 Sep 2016 13:04 Opinion

Apple's latest wearable marks a change in how people are monitoring their health. more

15 Sep 2016 15:45 Opinion

Jawbone device owners can now track their health, locate healthcare specialists and store securely, safely access and share medical history from their mobile device. more

6 Jul 2016 16:56 Devices

According to Deepak Prakash, Vancive Medical Technologies, wearable medical technology is opening new healthcare frontiers. Skin-worn patches present one path to remotely and accurately capture and monitor vital signs and other health information. more

7 Jun 2016 09:59 News


Photo credit: NC State University

Researchers have developed an integrated, wearable device system that monitors a user’s environment, heart rate and other physical attributes to predict and prevent asthma attacks more

6 Jun 2016 15:35 Devices

Wearable patch can non-invasively monitor diabetes using human sweat and then administer drugs to combat the disease more

23 Mar 2016 16:34 News