The MedTalk Podcast


The MedTalk Podcast

The MedTalk Podcast brings together the editors of Med-Tech Innovation, Digital Health Age, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Medical Plastics News. Expect a light-hearted take on the latest news in the medical technology, digital health and pharma industries.

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    Wearing it well: AI effects on wearables

    Ian Bolland, group content manager of Rapid Medtech, is joined by Sylvia Smit from myMonX to discuss the role of artificial intelligence and their role in wearables. Read more

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    Recycling plastics in the medical and pharma packaging industry

    Olivia Friett is joined by Michiel van den Berg, Director of Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Development at TekniPlex to discuss methods of recycling, legislation on the subject and what companies can do to improve their recycling rates. Read more

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    How archimedes density is used in medtech

    Medical Plastics News editor Olivia Friett is joined by Philipp Prüße, Head of Sales of Dimensionics as they discuss how archimedes density determination works in medical technology. Read more

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    A cancer treatment strikes gold

    Olivia Friett, editor of Medical Plastics News, speaks to David Regan, CEO of Sona Nanotech and Darcy Hart, Optics Engineering Director from Minnetronix Medical to discuss Sona’s Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy (THT) using gold nano rods. Read more

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    World Mental Health Day: How AI and video game style technology can help

    For World Mental Health Day, Ian Bolland is joined by Dr Emilia Molimpakis, co-founder and CEO of Thymia, to discuss how the platform was developed, attitudes towards AI being used to try and treat mental health. Read more

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    Developing technology for faster sepsis diagnosis

    Ian Bolland is joined by Rollie Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress as he provides some insight into the challenges of diagnosing sepsis and the technology that is being developed to tackle it. Read more

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    The business and medical case

    Olivia Friett, editor of Medical Plastics News, is joined by Konrad Brodaczewski, COO and Dr Andrzej Decewicz, product development manager at Grena, as they discuss the developing of medical devices and bringing them to market. Read more

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    Rob Lacey

    What's on show for medical firms as Interplas hits 75!

    Recorded earlier this year, Medical Plastics News Editor Olivia Friett is joined by David Gray, Head of Content for British Plastics & Rubber and Interplas Insights to preview Interplas 2023. Read more

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    LIVE: The latest in the UK medical device regulatory landscape

    Live from Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023, Ian Bolland is joined by Laurie Rowe from Red Medtech, Laura Friedl-Hirst from LFH Regulatory and Fiona Maini from Medidata to discuss the latest regulations and challenges facing medical device companies. Read more

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    Boosting big ideas: The Innovation Challenge

    Ian Bolland is joined by Sam Stephens, Director of TBAT Innovation to discuss the company's Innovation Challenge which aims to support businesses and people with great ideas, and bring them to market. Read more

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