MedTalk Podcast

The MedTalk Podcast

The MedTalk Podcast brings together the editors of Med-Tech Innovation, Digital Health Age, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Medical Plastics News. Expect a light-hearted take on the latest news in the medical technology, digital health and pharma industries.

  • Virtual surgeon

    The rise of virtual healthcare

    Med-Tech Innovation editor Ian Bolland is joined by Dag Larsson from digital health company Doccla to discuss virtual wards, remote patient monitoring and whether this technology will really stick following the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

  • Pills.jpg

    A world without antibiotics - interview with Dr Henry Skinner

    Reece Armstrong speaks to Dr Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund - a collective venture set up in collaboration with the World Health Organisation to raise investment for pharma companies developing new antibiotics to combat AMR. Read more

  • shutterstock_1704303109.jpg


    The pivotal role of antibody testing with vaccines

    Ian Bolland is joined by Heather Read-Harper, a senior marketing manager at Beckman Coulter, to discuss COVID-19 antibody testing technology, testing capacity during the pandemic, and antibody testing during the vaccine roll-out. Read more

  • shutterstock_1673662414.jpg


    We're jabbing, I hope you like jabbing too

    Ian and Reece are back, though they might be tripping over and getting their words muddled up, they talk about COVID-19 vaccines. The duo touch upon vaccine approvals, the EU's stance on protectionism, and the safety of the AstraZeneca jab. Read more

  • uk-government.jpg

    Budgeting for life sciences

    Ian and Reece return with a new episode covering the latest COVID-19 news and what the UK government's 2021 Budget means for life sciences. Read more

  • KRAIBURG TPE presents new pharma packaging materials solution

    The future of pharma in Europe

    Reece Armstrong speaks to Richard Daniell, head of commercial at Teva Europe about the European Commission's Pharmaceutical Strategy and some of the most important points for improving manufacturing for medicines across Europe. Read more

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