vaginal mesh

A report has been released by the NHS on the use of vaginal mesh implants in women following controversy surrounding the devices. Campaign group disappointed at the lack of action by NHS. more

27 Jul 2017 12:10 Devices

Medical Plastics News takes a look at some of the biggest stories that have emerged over the past week. more

21 Jul 2017 11:50 News

Women who have suffered from complications due to vaginal mesh implants will meet with MPs in an attempt to get the devices banned. more

18 Jul 2017 15:25 Devices

Australian women are fighting against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, claiming that the company’s vaginal mesh implant ruined their lives. more

11 Jul 2017 09:50 News

With the news that over 800 women with vaginal mesh implants were planning to take legal action against the NHS and medical device manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson Lu Rahman looks at some of the issues issues surrounding this product. more

13 Jun 2017 15:10 News

Vaginal polymer implants said to caused pain and severe discomfort to over 800 women more

18 Apr 2017 11:37 News

Boston Scientific is being accused of using counterfeit resin from China to make vaginal meshes that put women’s health at risk more

18 Jan 2016 16:03 News