MPN speaks to Stratasys about how it is working together with hospitals and medical device manufacturers to improve patient outcomes and personalise treatments. more

2 Jan 2018 16:25 Opinion

The medical plastics and medtech line up has been impressive this year with no end of innovation and breakthrough. Picking some of the key moments was hard but as always, a pleasure, says Lu Rahman more

26 Dec 2017 13:50 News

Applied technology solutions provider Stratasys has teamed up with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri to open a 3D printing “Centre of Excellence”, the company has announced. more

12 Dec 2017 12:00 News

Health technology company Philips has announced that it is working together with 3D Systems and Stratasys to incorporate a 3D modelling application into clinical workflows. more

28 Nov 2017 12:01 News

Applied technology solutions provider Stratasys has unveiled a new service for 3D printing service for physician training and medical device testing. more

28 Nov 2017 10:55 News

As the healthcare sector seeks to improve, innovate and economise, Scott Rader, general manager of healthcare solutions at Stratasys, offers insight into the technology’s ever increasing importance, and what the future may hold. more

3 Aug 2017 11:55 Opinion

Producer of surgical eye equipment Nidek has announced that it has accelerated clinical trial evaluations of its ophthalmological devices by using a 3D printer by 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys. more

30 May 2017 14:40 News

This year’s Med-Tech Innovation Expo will see 3D printing and additive manufacturing group Stratasys demonstrate how its advanced 3D printing technologies are "transforming the delivery of healthcare across the medical industry". more

24 Apr 2017 12:13 News

At this year’s Arab Health Exhibition and Congress, manufacturing solutions company, Stratasys, will demonstrate how 3D printing is benefitting hospital theatre procedures and improving physician training. more

13 Jan 2017 12:25 News

SYS Systems outlines some of Stratasys’ most impressive examples where 3D printing has helped the medical sector. more

28 Nov 2016 12:20 News

Making its debut at this year's TCT show in Birmingham will be Stratasys’ recently-launched J750 3D printer, reportedly the world’s only full colour, multi-material 3D printer. more

19 Jul 2016 11:49 News

Stratasys is partnering with the Jacobs Institute (JI) to create a new Centre of Excellence (COE) to advance the use of 3D printing for medical applications more

27 Apr 2016 10:59 News

As February is National Heart month in the UK, MPN’s Emily Hughes takes a look at some of the ways plastics help with the treatment of heart disease more

19 Feb 2016 14:49 Opinion

Stratasys and Jacobs Institute unveil how 3D printing helps with brain aneurysm treatment more

19 Feb 2016 09:30 Opinion

Stratasys has established a medical solutions group ‘to address the growing demand for 3D printed surgical models, medical device prototypes and other 3D printed medical applications’ according to the company more

1 Dec 2015 11:11 News

A near-fatal brain aneurysm was repaired with the help of a 3D printed anatomical replica more

27 Nov 2015 11:37 News

Stratasys 3D printers have been used by Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to print the life-like anatomical heart of 5-year-old Mia Gonzalez more

14 Oct 2015 12:16 News

As additive manufacturing continues to innovate and disrupt, Scott Rader, head of medical solutions at Stratasys, discusses the technology’s growing role within the healthcare industry more

14 Sep 2015 14:56 Opinion

Stratasys will feature diverse medical applications and on-stand presentations at TCT Show + Personalize more

22 Jul 2015 13:47 News

While we are now well-versed in the capabilities of 3D printing, 4D printing is increasingly coming to the fore. What is it and what potential does it hold for the medical device sector? Stratasys sheds some light on this new approach. more

13 May 2015 14:17 News