EMvision Medical Devices has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Keysight Technologies Malaysia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Keysight Technologies to bring a portable brain scanner to the market. Read more

North America

A new generation of brain scanner has been developed that allows patients to move around naturally whilst being scanned. Read more


Dr. C Frank, Sikora, discusses the use of an x-ray scanner for pellet, flakes and film inspection as well as analysis in the compound and masterbatch industry Read more


It’s proving to be something a controversial topic in the medical device world. But there’s no denying, crowdfunding can help to bring innovation to market Read more


Beam me up: The ten finalists have been announced in a $10 million competition inviting entrants to develop a Tricoder – a real-life medical scanner like the one featured in Star Trek. Read more


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