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RTP Company, a compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics, is offering tribology data from a friction test to help designers of drug delivery devices select the best possible material for single-use applications more

10 Sep 2015 10:07 News

RTP 2000 HC is a series of thermoplastic compounds which has proprietary alloy technology designed to maintain strength, functionality and integrity, even with repeated exposure to hospital cleaners used to disinfect medical devices. more

24 Jun 2015 13:52 Technology

Josh Blackmore, RTP Company, discusses the advantages of using thermoplastic elastomers in healthcare devices, by Margaret Cox, RTP Company. more

13 May 2015 11:45 News


Source: RTP.

It goes without saying that product recalls are a key issue for medical device makers. Josh Blackmore of US compounder RTP Company explains how companies can mitigate risks by talking to their suppliers. more

1 Jul 2013 00:00 Opinion

Q Flo

Source: Bayer MaterialScience.

Plastics in drug delivery devices must be carefully assessed for a variety of performance properties, including extractables and leachables, anitstatic, lubricity, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The following is a roundup to May 2013. more

30 May 2013 08:00 Devices