Lu Rahman looks at the new wave of robotics. Soft and pliable these new devices take their inspiration from nature offering great potential for healthcare. Are we about to witness a new group of very useful and compliant, flexible friends? more

9 Aug 2017 09:35 News

Researchers are developing a wearable robotic system for minimally invasive surgery, that will offer surgeons natural and dexterous movement as well as the ability to ‘sense’, ‘see’, control and safely navigate through the surgical environment. more

11 May 2017 09:00 Technology

Neil Gallant, managing director of Neutronic Technologies gives his thoughts on what the future of robotics and automation beholds for the engineering and manufacturing industry. more

8 May 2017 14:25 Opinion

At this year’s MD&M East, co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak will take to the stage to deliver the show’s keynote event. more

14 Mar 2017 13:50 News

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation has become the UK’s first NHS hospital to use a cutting-edge robot to help improve complex brain surgery. more

3 Mar 2017 15:10 News

Tegra Medical explains how the installation of Universal Robots had doubled production and enabled the company to keep up with customer demand more

24 Feb 2017 15:30 News

At Medica 2016, Axilum Robotics, a spin-off company of medical robotics research group ICube, has announced its latest product to help patients living with chronic pain and other conditions. more

14 Nov 2016 09:55 Technology

Recent research has predicted that one in three jobs will be automated using robotics or software by 2025. Graham Mackrell, Harmonic Drive UK, looks at the future of robotics and the role they will continue to play. more

9 Nov 2016 10:00 News

Scientists from Durham University, the University of Aberdeen and the Academia Sinica in Taiwan have concluded that a certain protein plays a role in detecting movement. more

10 May 2016 16:59 Devices

Smith & Nephew is to acquire Blue Belt Holdings, a company who creates orthopaedic robotics, for £180 million ($275 million) more

5 Nov 2015 16:52 News

Five uses of robotics in medtech more

7 Aug 2015 14:38 Opinion

Tiny mechanical wrist could give needlescopic surgery a new degree of dexterity more

27 Jul 2015 13:44 News

ReWalk Robotics, an exoskeleton manufacturer, unveiled the ReWalk Personal 6.0 last week marking the company’s sixth generation community use product more

22 Jul 2015 11:46 Devices

A group at the University of California at Berkeley has used JPK Instruments’ SPM systems to research biologically inspired polymer adhesives more

21 Jul 2015 15:52 News