Regenerative medicine

Researchers have developed a new technology that can reprogram skin cells to repair injured tissue. Read more

Innovations unveiled at Medtec Europe highlight importance of partnerships for driving the medical device industry forward Read more


Regenerative medicine is redefining medical technology synergies by combining stem cell technology with tissue engineering. Read more


A DFU clinical study by Avita Medical, a regenerative medicine company specialising in the treatment of wounds and skin defects, has now started after the recent release of positive study outcomes of ReGenerCell device in the treatment VLUs. Read more


Future proofing: Anna Wynn, business development manager, Instron TERM, provides an insight into the future of healthcare and tissue engineered medical devices Read more


Astar Tissue

Source: A*Star.

An "organised" and innovative approach to 3D tissue engineering whereby cells are organised in hydrogel fibres has brought researchers in Singapore a step closer to viable organ implants. Read more


LC Ligament

Source: Soft Tissue Regeneration.

Soft Tissue Regeneration, an early-stage orthopaedic device company, has announced it has received a US patent for its L-C Ligament trademarked resorbable scaffold for the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee. Read more


The growth of human tissue outside the body is a mainstream area of scientific research. Polymers play a crucial role as materials for cell scaffolds which can be impregnated with stem cells during manufacture. 3D printing is used extensively. Read more


Elecrtospun nanofibres are being used as scaffolds to synthetically grow tissue from stem cells for future implantation into the body. UK networking group and public funding vehicle NanoKTN has helped a UK company lead the way in this field. Read more