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The results from the preclinical study have been published in the Journal of Surgical Research. Read more

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Parx Plastics’ EU patent application for the use of its technologies in polymer parts of orthopaedic implants (e.g. hip and knee joints) has been granted. Read more


Parx Plastics has announced the incorporation of a new joint venture, under the name Zinkh NV, to market its antimicrobial technology in dental applications. Read more


2018 has seen some interesting advancements and expertise come out of the medical plastics sector. Read more


Headed up by Michael van der Jag, Parx Plastics is pushing the boundaries with antimicrobial technology. Derived from biomimicry and inspired by nature, it may have particular importance in orthopaedic procedures. Read more


Parx Plastics has created a biocompatible technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of plastic Read more


Passion for plastic: Michael Van Der Jagt, Parx Plastics and Additives, is at the forefront of an exciting development which sees biocompatible and non-leaching anti-microbial technology offer new possibilities in medical plastics. Read more