Lu Rahman discusses the emergence of cyberattacks and what it means for the medical device industry. more

7 Jun 2017 13:30 Opinion

As many of you know, the start of 2017 saw the launch of MPN North America, making our medical plastics community increasingly global. more

30 Jan 2017 09:25 News

Rachel Gordon, technology analyst at IDTechEx discusses how advancements in electronics technology are enabling medical electronic equipment designed for faster diagnosis, improved patient quality of life and new drug-based therapies more

13 Jun 2016 11:56 Opinion

Stéphane Regnault, chairman of Vygon’s board of management explains the company’s role in the single use medical devices sector more

11 May 2016 16:52 Opinion

DSM explains how its elastomer is being put to use in medical gowns to protect against hospital-acquired infections more

9 May 2016 10:30 Opinion

Jason Smith, senior analytical chemist, Polymer Solutions, looks at understanding necessary analytical techniques of hydrogel more

3 May 2016 08:50 Opinion

Neil Oliver, Accutronics, looks at techniques that can be applied to increase the longevity of medical device batteries more

28 Apr 2016 15:55 Opinion

Capsule endoscopy means many gastrointestinal diseases can be detected and Covestro’s polycarbonate has a key role to play more

15 Mar 2016 09:22 News

Techsil looks at the future for medical device adhesives and the growing importance that the wearable market holds more

29 Feb 2016 09:07 Opinion

Sterilisation specialist, Steris Ast, reveals investment plans to support the European medical device industry more

26 Feb 2016 10:26 Opinion

Sixty injection-moulding machines for the production of inhalators, eye drop dispensers, and nasal spray containers have been equipped with Sesotec metal detectors more

26 Feb 2016 09:27 Opinion

Nelipak highlights its passion for creating pharmaceutical packaging and the future of the packaging industry more

24 Feb 2016 09:00 Opinion

Some of MPN’s key contributors reveal their predictions for industry trends in 2016 more

22 Feb 2016 09:11 Opinion

A boom in exercise is also leading to a rise in orthopaedic procedures. Lu Rahman looks at the sector and an exciting development for those experience leg-lengthening discrepancy more

19 Feb 2016 16:03 Opinion

I love life sciences. And working across the media of medical devices, digital health and pharmaceuticals, it’s hard not to be excited by what seem like daily developments in these markets that push the realms of possibility further and further more

16 Feb 2016 09:17 Opinion

MTD explains how micro-moulding is shaping the future of drug delivery more

15 Feb 2016 08:51 Opinion

A survey for MassMedic and the Women in Medtech programme revealed that most women executives in medtech don’t feel they see the same pay or opportunities for investment as their male counterparts more

11 Feb 2016 12:11 Opinion

Why Manchester is set to become a global medtech player Massachusetts-style more

10 Feb 2016 14:49 Opinion 1 Comments

Russell Tew, new business development marketing, healthcare, Borealis, provides an insight in to the company and its expertise more

9 Feb 2016 09:33 Opinion

Selecting the right medical plastic is a key consideration for device manufacturers. Bing J Carbone, Modern Plastics, offers his expertise on how to choose the right material more

8 Feb 2016 10:10 Opinion