Choosing the right decontamination method for syringe tubs entering the filling line by David Opie and Maura O. Kahn, Noxilizer more

28 Sep 2017 10:55 News

Noxilizer, a provider of room temperature, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) based sterilisation solutions, has been approved for the CE marking of its RTS Series Sterilisers under the Medical Device Directive (MDD). more

25 Mar 2015 09:00 Technology

Stephen Morley, Noxilizer looks at sterilisation tools for device designers and the way in which alternatives support innovation and improve manufacturing efficiency more

27 Oct 2014 16:27 Technology

Mike Valentine640x480

Source: Noxilizer.

Experienced sterilisation sales executive, Mike Valentine, to build and lead Noxilizer’s sales organisation. more

16 Aug 2013 10:50 News

Noxilizer Oven2

Source: Noxilizer.

Sam Anson discusses this question in response to reports of hospital sterilisation departments putting single use plastic devices through more than one sterilisation cycle, both deliberately and by accident. more

7 Aug 2013 10:12 Opinion

BASF's announcement of a €10 bn investment over seven years in Asia will stimulate much activity in the region, especially in plastics. Clinical trials of Abbott's Absorb stent in Japan are influential too. more

2 Jul 2013 00:00 News

Noxilizer's technical applications manager Evan Goulet, PhD, and senior vice president, research and development David Opie, PhD, present this guide. more

19 Jun 2012 00:00 Technology