Nelipak Healthcare

A number of medical manufacturers based in Puerto Rico have responded to the impact and damage caused by hurricane Maria. more

25 Sep 2017 14:50 News

Thermoformed medical packaging provider Nelipak has announced the acquisition of thermoforming company Computer Designs Incorporated. The business will operate under the name of Nelipak Healthcare Packaging. more

4 Apr 2017 09:20 News

Seán Egan, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, examines the evolving role of thermoforming suppliers in medical packaging design. more

4 Apr 2017 08:50 News

After the political excitement of 2016, the world is viewing 2017 with interest and the medtech sector is no exception, says Lu Rahman more

30 Jan 2017 16:30 News

Sean Egan, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, discusses best practices for healthcare packaging seal integrity. more

26 Nov 2016 16:00 News

Nelipak Corporation has closed on the acquisition of Tegrant Alloyd Brands of Puerto Rico, a subsidiary of thermoforming company Sonoco Products. more

8 Jul 2016 00:00 News

Nelipak highlights its passion for creating pharmaceutical packaging and the future of the packaging industry more

24 Feb 2016 09:00 Opinion

Collaboration, thorough testing key to bringing HIPS alternative to European medical packaging market, says Eastman more

14 May 2015 12:40 News

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging has added Timothy Julian as vice president of sales, Americas, and Frits van Gastel as global director of quality. more

15 Apr 2015 12:45 News

Medical thermoforming specialist Nelipak Healthcare has unveiled its latest offering this month, a table top tray heat sealer which is designed for ease-of-use. more

18 Nov 2014 14:34 Technology

Two become one: Nelipak Corporation has acquired Debond Corporation (Flexpak). The business will be owned by Nelipak and operate under the name of Nelipak Healthcare Packaging. more

28 Jul 2014 14:20 News

Take the tube: Nelipak Healthcare now on YouTube more

11 Mar 2014 11:54 News