Mergers and acquisitions

Innovation in the healthtech sector is being driven by a convergence of digital technologies, societal changes and the entrance of tech giants, according to a new report by mergers and acquisitions advisors, Hampleton Partners. more

8 Feb 2018 10:30 News

Medical device company Medtronic has acquired endoscopic diagnostics company Crospon, the Sunday Times has announced. more

11 Dec 2017 10:50 News

M&A activity in the medtech sector is going strong. Lu Rahman looks at some of the recent deals taking place in the industry. more

28 Nov 2017 10:15 News

Matt Robida, Spectrum Plastics Group, explains how its recent merger highlights the way in which medical consolidation is also hitting the supply chain. more

17 Aug 2017 09:00 Opinion

Lu Rahman looks at some of the stand-out M&A activity to hit the medtech sector in the last year. more

11 Aug 2017 11:00 Opinion

According to Mark Bonifacio, Bonifacio Consulting Services, the rate of medtech M& A activity isn’t likely to slow down this year. more

10 May 2017 10:05 Opinion

Deborah Douglas, managing director of Douglas Group, explains how the union of two companies can often can often lead to increased business value. more

22 Feb 2017 10:55 News

UK autoinjector maker Oval Medical has been acquired by US contract manufacturer SMC. more

10 Jan 2017 16:15 News

Research and consulting firm GlobalData has predicted 2017 to be a changeable and productive year for the medical device industry. more

16 Dec 2016 10:40 News

Global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions, Molex, has completed its acquisition of private equity investment firm, Phillips-Medisize Corporation. more

7 Nov 2016 12:25 News

Phillips-Medisize, the outsource design, development and manufacturing group for the medical industry, has entered into a binding agreement to be acquired by Molex, a global manufacturer of interconnect products. more

18 Aug 2016 09:20 News

Phillips-Medisize has announced that it will acquire contract manufacturer Injectronics, further fuelling its US growth. more

1 Jul 2016 10:03 News

Industry leaders predict increased mergers and acquisitions activity will form the backbone of the medtech sector more

26 Nov 2015 11:53 Opinion

Deborah Douglas is managing director of Douglas Group, a US merger and acquisition (M&A) firm for mid-sized companies. She offers advice for companies involved in M&A activity more

3 Sep 2015 13:35 Opinion

TE Connectivity a Swiss-headquartered specialist in connectivity, has completed the previously announced acquisition of AdvancedCath. more

13 Apr 2015 10:46 News

Boston Scientific has entered into an agreement with Endo International to acquire the American Medical Systems urology portfolio, which includes the Men's Health and Prostate Health businesses. more

3 Mar 2015 11:30 News

Be it dwindling drug pipelines or changes from the Affordable Care Act, mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare and life sciences industries are expected to continue unabated in 2015. more

15 Dec 2014 11:06 News

Shaken up: Research suggests that 2014 will be remembered as the "Year of The Buy" in the medical device industry. more

27 Nov 2014 09:23

Big play: Consort Medical has announced that it has agreed terms to acquire Aesica Pharmaceuticals for £230 million. more

30 Sep 2014 11:02 News

Sam Anson Landscape

Source: Julian Brown, press and public relations photogtrapher, courtesy of UK-based charity Shelter.

As the wave of consolidation continues in medtech supply chains, Sam Anson explores whether multinational OEMs should consider specialty polymer firms as acquisition targets to build their own materials development capability. more

5 Dec 2013 11:29 Opinion