Machined plastics

3M scanner and milling

Source: 3M.

Dentists can now capture a digital impression of a patient's teeth and produce crowns in their practice themselves over the course of a day using a new scanner from 3M, compatible with in-office milling equipment from IOS Technologies. Read more



Source: Röchling.

Semi-finished plastic product manufacturer Röchling Sustaplast, part of Röchling's High Performance Plastics division, has gained ISO13485 certification for the manufacture of medical products. Read more


Invibio lumbar cages

Source: Invibio.

High performance polymers are incredibly useful in medical devices. They demonstrate physical properties similar to metal, like fatigue and chemical resistance and tensile strength. Being mouldable and extrudable allows more intricate designs. Read more



Source: Carville.

Carville manufactures a number of phantoms for the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS). One of the specialist skills here is the inclusion of aluminium balls positioned to the nearest 0.1 mm using Carville’s diffusion bonding process. Read more