Lu Rahman


Lu Rahman

Lu Rahman is the group editor of Medical Plastics News magazine. She oversees the content for the Rapid Life Sciences portfolio, which includes European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Med-Tech Innovation magazine and Digital Health Age.

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Medical Plastics News is behind a new feature for this year’s Interplas Show at the NEC, Birmingham. more

29 Aug 2017 13:43 News

Lu Rahman looks at recent events in the US medical device sector and what they mean for the year ahead more

20 Feb 2017 15:25 News

Why has the BBC failed to recognise the value of medtech to the UK economy? more

23 Feb 2016 10:27 Opinion

I love life sciences. And working across the media of medical devices, digital health and pharmaceuticals, it’s hard not to be excited by what seem like daily developments in these markets that push the realms of possibility further and further more

16 Feb 2016 09:17 Opinion

Why Manchester is set to become a global medtech player Massachusetts-style more

10 Feb 2016 14:49 Opinion 1 Comments

The medical device sector has had a strong year. And developments and advances in 2015 have put the industry in a first class position for further growth in the coming year more

23 Dec 2015 10:37 Opinion

Recent news that yet another implant scare had hit the sector was disappointing to say the least more

27 Nov 2015 15:35 Opinion

2015 has been a busy year for the medical plastics sector. Lu Rahman handpicks her favourite stories of the year that highlight the innovation that keeps on coming from the sector more

26 Nov 2015 09:13 Opinion

This time last year a range of predictions were made for the medtech sector. Lu Rahman looks at some of the trends that made it big and what they mean for the market going forward more

13 Nov 2015 15:59 Opinion

Lu Rahman talks about life sciences in the North West of the UK and how the progress in this region is having a ripple effect across the UK more

4 Nov 2015 16:01 Opinion

Recent controversy has brought the catheter sector into the spotlight. Lu Rahman looks at the criticisms being thrown at the industry and how it has hit back more

16 Sep 2015 16:48 Opinion

With the news that the FDA has called for healthcare facilities to stop using Hospira’s Symbiq Infusion systems because of its ability to be hacked, it seems cyber security has become a key issue for medical device manufacturers more

9 Sep 2015 08:45 Opinion

Point in case: Rapid design process delivers solution in time for new legislation more

15 Dec 2014 12:01 News

Pitch perfect: Children's National Health System in the US has extended the deadline for its Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids competition more

23 Sep 2014 20:51 News


Tulane faculty members Scott Grayson, Bruce Gibb, Wayne Reed and Hank Ashbaugh. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

Money talks: The National Science Foundation has awarded up to $6 million to develop tools that will accelerate the development of smart polymers used to create materials for targeted drug delivery more

21 Sep 2014 19:49 News

Delivery service: Foster Delivery Science will build a new facility to deal with demand for manufacturing drug delivery and implant polymer blends more

21 Sep 2014 19:32 News


Photo copyright Bayer

Material world: Bayer will float its MaterialScience business, which produces polymer materials, on the stock market as a separate company. more

21 Sep 2014 19:06 News

Growing news: RPC Group is further strengthening its position in the US market with a major expansion of its manufacturing facility in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, USA. more

17 Sep 2014 15:32 News

Heart of the matter: Materialise’s HeartPrint 3D-printed model, helps doctors to determine best treatment for Bradley’s erratic heartbeat more

17 Sep 2014 10:31 News

Plastic has a valuable role to play in manufacturing, particularly medical polymers. Let’s make sure the recent report on plastic fibres in global water supplies pushes us to think about how we address the way we dispose of plastic goods more

7 Sep 2017 11:39 Opinion

MPN has been flying the flag for digital health for a few years now and thanks to our sister site we report on the latest trends and technology coming out of this exciting sector. more

1 Sep 2017 09:50 Opinion


Editorial credit: Tinseltown /

Hearing the name Gwyneth Paltrow and medical device in the same sentence obviously caught my attention. But to discover she is under fire from a marketing watchdog for misleading product claims really was music to my ears… more

31 Aug 2017 13:47 Opinion

Earlier this week the Victoria Derbyshire Show reported that some women are undergoing hysterectomies to remove the sterilisation device, Essure. more

31 Aug 2017 10:42 News

Research projects have highlighted the increasing adoption of PEEK implants in clinical practice as well as the potential benefits to patients. more

30 Aug 2017 10:25 News

Medical Plastics News is behind a new feature for this year’s Interplas Show at the NEC, Birmingham. more

29 Aug 2017 13:43 News

The Victoria Derbyshire Show has reported that some women are undergoing hysterectomies to remove the sterilisation device, Essure. The BBC has covered the story. more

29 Aug 2017 12:18 Devices

Lu Rahman looks at some of the technology being used in medtech devices and finds it might have been familiar with many of our ancestors too more

25 Aug 2017 15:25 Opinion

Professor Mark McAlindon from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has scooped the prestigious Hopkins Endoscopy Prize for his pill camera medical device more

22 Aug 2017 10:18 Devices

Lu Rahman looks at the gender pay gap across the medical technology sector and what the rise of 'femtech' means for women. more

20 Aug 2017 11:15 Opinion

Medical devices and wearables could benefit from Harvard’s self-healing rubber more

15 Aug 2017 11:22 News

Interesting research findings could have far-reaching potential for medical plastic development more

15 Aug 2017 10:47 News

Lu Rahman looks at some of the stand-out M&A activity to hit the medtech sector in the last year. more

11 Aug 2017 11:00 Opinion

Lu Rahman looks at the new wave of robotics. Soft and pliable these new devices take their inspiration from nature offering great potential for healthcare. Are we about to witness a new group of very useful and compliant, flexible friends? more

9 Aug 2017 09:35 News

Find out why you should visit Interplas this year. more

7 Aug 2017 15:45 News

The company is contributing to a new Canadian medical device centre more

5 Jul 2017 14:10 Devices

Today, there are estimated to be 125 million global wearers of contact lenses in a sector that’s worth nearly US$15 billion. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is a major player in supplying the machinery that produces the moulds that make the contact lenses. more

22 Jun 2017 10:45 News