A US-India business body has said that India has the potential to be a key player in areas of disease prevention and medical device manufacturing if barriers in research and innovation are removed. more

17 Mar 2017 11:30 News

Opportunities for medical device companies in China and the Asia Pacific region continue to be strong. However, businesses need to consider the regulatory framework in place designed to protect and encourage domestic manufacture, says Lu Rahman more

24 Nov 2016 13:00 News

Biotronik has introduced CardioMessenger Smart, a smartphone-sized home monitoring technology for patients with implanted cardiac devices in India more

22 Mar 2016 14:38 News

Construction of the Indian medical devices park, that will focus on the manufacturing of electronic equipment, is expected to start in the first week of April, reported The Times of India more

23 Feb 2016 11:46 News

India’s first medical device manufacturing park will be built in Gujarat with the Indian government also planning a Pharmaceutical park in the state more

18 Dec 2015 14:50 News

Industrial parks for medical device manufacturing are being proposed by the Indian government more

13 Nov 2015 15:00 News

Omega Diagnostics has announced a new manufacturing facility based on International Biotech Park, Pune, India more

22 Oct 2015 09:51 News

Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) advises about emerging markets. IDC China’s, YiFei Dai, shares her experience on the ground in China and Stephen Knowles, IDC in the UK, discuss Western companies developing products for China and India more

20 Oct 2015 12:26 , Opinion

UK-based Metaphysis, is looking at the Indian market for its advanced technology in bone healing and problems associated with long bone fractures more

20 Aug 2015 09:00 News

The Indian medical device industry has a potential to grow by £1.7 billion by 2016 more

28 Jul 2015 10:52 News

According an article by Reuters, plans have been made to set up a regulator in India that will oversee the country’s $4 billion medical device industry. more

12 Jun 2015 00:00 News

Manufacturer of cardiac stents and pacemakers, Medtronic, is stepping up its efforts in the Indian market. more

28 May 2015 09:45 News

CPHI Mumbai is an event dedicated to the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Notorious for being a busy show, it is an extension of the established CPHI pharma show held in Europe. more

28 Nov 2012 00:00 Opinion