Ian Bolland

Medtronic is recalling 11 versions of its MiniMed insulin pumps amid fears of cybersecurity risks. Read more


The chief deception officer at Attivo Networks Carolyn Crandall has suggested that industry could be more proactive when it comes to the cybersecurity of medical devices. Read more


Medical Plastics News web content editor Ian Bolland spoke to Dr Colin Grant, an SPM sales & applications specialist at Hitachi’s scanning electron microscope lab, to find out how the firm’s technology can benefit medical device manufacturers. Read more


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A research team has invented a smart handheld medical device with the aim of providing early intervention for patients with congestive heart failure. Read more


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The Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Life Sciences Organisation (LSO) have jointly published guidance encouraging international business and investors to partner with the UK to develop new products in the medtech industry. Read more