A recently published article in the New York Times has suggested that the Series 4 Apple Watch, which comes equipped with an in-built electrocardiogram, should not be considered a medical device. Read more


Wellness ‘devices’ and products under the Goop brand have come under fire from consumer watchdog Truth in Advertising (TINA) for ‘deceptive’ health claims. Read more


A programme for medtech and eHealth organisations has chosen eight companies to attend an intensive five-day course aimed at helping them develop their products in North America. Read more


The US Food and Drug Administration has released a set of guidelines for medical device manufacturers, stating how post-market products can be protected from cybersecurity threats. Read more


PwC Health Research Institute’s report highlights the changing relationship between healthcare and the device sector Read more


The 2016 Healthtech Summit featuring 3 learning and panel sessions will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 21st. Read more


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