Dr George Frodsham

MediSieve, the developer of a magnetic filter device that treats malaria by capturing and removing malaria infected red blood cells, has received a Pathfinder Award from the Wellcome Trust more

11 Jan 2016 11:20 News

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8 Jan 2016 09:14 Opinion

MPN recently spoke with MediSieve founder Dr George Frodsham about the company and its blood filtering device for malaria treatment more

5 Oct 2015 11:10 News

MPN has been looking at aspiring young figures in today’s medical plastic world and listed its top three shining stars more

2 Oct 2015 13:56 Opinion

£350,000 in seed funding has been secured to develop MediSieve a magnetic malaria filter more

28 Sep 2015 11:46 News

MediSieve is developing a magnetic filter device that captures and removes red blood cells infected with malaria more

14 Aug 2015 11:28 Devices