Device Tax

US medical device tax was suspended at the beginning 2016 but the hiatus is only due to last until the end of next year more

12 May 2016 16:29 News

At the end of last year US medical device companies received an early Christmas bonus with the news that the medical device tax had been suspended for two years. MPN Group Editor Lu Rahman looks at the knock-on effect more

7 Apr 2016 16:22 Opinion

Medical device tax is set for repeal once again as District Rep Erik Paulsen attempts to continue his quest to get the law revoked. more

12 Jun 2015 11:22 News

Gareth Pickering discusses the pros and cons of the US device tax following conversations with key medical device industry observers at a recent industry event in Philadelphia, USA. more

21 Aug 2013 12:25 Opinion

Amy Klobuchar

10x Conference. Photos © Buchanan 2013.

On April 29, 2013, two leading US politicians—Senator Amy Klobuchar of the Democrats and Congressman Erik Paulsen of the Republican party spoke to the US device manufacturing community about their success in lobbying against the 2.3% device tax. more

28 May 2013 08:00 News

Emergo Group, a medical device regulation consultancy with headquarters in the USA, has published a white paper and a supplementary article about the new 2.3% US Medical Devices Excise Tax. more

18 Feb 2013 00:00 News

A discussion group with 110,000 members on social networking site LinkedIn has launched a website to collect votes in its petition against the 2.3% medical device tax in the USA, due to take effect in January 2013. The initiative is called No 2.3. more

30 Apr 2012 00:00