cyber security

Over 500,000 pacemakers developed by medical device maker Abbott have been shown to contain cyber-security issues. more

31 Aug 2017 10:25 Devices

To help combat cyber-threats across the life sciences industry, medical device makers are prioritising better cyber-security technology and improved governance and policies. more

2 Aug 2017 14:10 News

The US Food and Drug Administration has released a set of guidelines for medical device manufacturers, stating how post-market products can be protected from cybersecurity threats. more

10 Jan 2017 10:00 News

Mike Hanley, director of Duo Labs looks at how cybersecurity in the healthcare industry compares to other industries looking to protect data more

26 Apr 2016 16:48 Opinion

Trend Micro spokesman, Udo Schneider recently demonstrated his ability to hack almost any device by placing a large, neon-pink vibrator on a desk and bringing it to life through his computer more

17 Mar 2016 08:50 News

With the news that the FDA has called for healthcare facilities to stop using Hospira’s Symbiq Infusion systems because of its ability to be hacked, it seems cyber security has become a key issue for medical device manufacturers more

9 Sep 2015 08:45 Opinion