An organisation led by six globally-recognised experts in cancer care has launched an initiative to track evidence-based patient information and clinical guidance. more

30 Jun 2017 15:00 News

A hospital in Manchester is set to receive the NHS’ first proton beam therapy (PBT) machine to treat cancer patients. more

23 Jun 2017 10:00 Devices

High Proton Beam Therapy Machine

Proton Partners International

The Rutherford Cancer Centre, South Wales, has received the first high energy proton beam therapy system to be installed in the UK. more

22 May 2017 09:30 Devices

Partner to pharmaceutical and biotech companies 3M Drug Delivery Systems announced a collaboration with therapeutic drug development company, Panacea Pharmaceuticals. more

20 Jan 2017 10:45 News

Two Pore Guys has announced that it is collaborating with oncologists at the University of California, San Francisco, to evaluate its handheld nanopore-based platform. more

13 Jan 2017 14:50 News

Researchers at the University of Huddersfield have developed a new lab technique using polymer that could potentially aid the development and success rate of an important anti-cancer treatment. more

16 Nov 2016 10:15 News

UK manufacturer Broadwater Mouldings is working with oncology tech group Elekta on a range of radiotherapy systems designed to improve targetting of tumour tissue. more

25 Jul 2016 07:52 News

Noel Edmonds has caused controversy in the medtech world this week when the celebrity claimed that the EMPpad can tackle cancer more

8 Jun 2016 12:13 News

A handheld miniature microscope being developed by University of Washington mechanical engineers could allow surgeons to ‘see’ at a cellular level in the operating room and determine where to stop cutting more

27 May 2016 09:10 News

ultrasound tumour device.jpg

IMgae: ETH Zurich / Oliver Bartenschlager

An ultrasound device for radiation-free breast cancer screening has been awarded the 2016 Spark Award more

29 Mar 2016 15:21 News

Implantable device delivers treatment for pancreatic cancer directly to tumours, bypassing bloodstream and limiting widespread side effects, according to The University of North Carolina (UNC) more

29 Feb 2016 14:12 News

Researchers have developed Odoreader, a device that uses a gas chromatography (GC)-sensor system combined with advanced statistical methods to ‘smell’ prostate cancer more

17 Feb 2016 17:15 News

Primasil Silicones has won the Medical Healthcare and Business Award for further development of its cooling cap for cancer patients, at the Medilink West Midlands award ceremony more

17 Feb 2016 09:48 News

PanTher Therapeutics is developing an implantable device that delivers cancer drugs directly to the tumour more

16 Feb 2016 16:31 News

Medtronic has announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance and launch of the OsteoCool RF Ablation System more

4 Feb 2016 09:00 News

Work on the UK’s first proton beam therapy centre for cancer treatment is underway and expected to be complete by 2017 more

19 Jan 2016 15:21 News

Primasil Silicones is showcasing its cooling cap, developed in collaboration with The University of Huddersfield for Paxman, at Compamed more

19 Nov 2015 09:20 News

Primasil Silicones has won the top accolade in the Exhibitor Innovations Competition at the Medtech World Awards for its technical development of a cooling cap more

30 Oct 2015 10:02 News

Clinicians have performed the first in-human regional lung cancer tumour ablation with Uptake Medical’s InterVapor targetted vapour therapy system more

21 Oct 2015 14:39 News

MPN has been looking at aspiring young figures in today’s medical plastic world and listed its top three shining stars more

2 Oct 2015 13:56 Opinion