Polytech and AMSilk announce start of joint international clinical study for silk-coated medical implants – the first time that bioengineered silk will be inside the human body. Read more


A team of researchers may have discovered a way to make life for diabetics easier after developing longer lasting insulin injections. Read more


The University of Nottingham will look at the ways in which polymers and biopolymers can be used in medical contexts at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition in July. Davide De Focatiis offers a sneak preview of what the exhibition holds. Read more



Image: Melanie Gonick/MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have designed a sticky, stretchy, hydrogel that can incorporate temperature sensors, electronics and tiny, drug-delivering reservoirs and channels Read more


A new report says that despite their limitations, the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors could put bio-based polymers to good use. Read more



Source: Biome Bioplastics.

UK bioplastics manufacturer Biome Bioplastics has a UK member of parliament and manufacturers and the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum in promoting the varied applications of biotechnology at a London exhibition. Read more

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