Bionic prosthetics need an open-source business model hinging on affordability, in order to succeed, according to Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision team. more

10 Aug 2017 12:20 News

Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers have created a "cyborg heart patch," which is a bionic device that combines electronics with organic living tissues to create a self-regulating cardiac patch more

16 Mar 2016 14:25 News

We have put together a list of our top 5 devices that you won’t believe are real. These are the devices we think have broken the barrier between sci-fi and reality more

28 Jul 2015 16:02 Devices

New bionic prosthetic limbs, controlled by a person’s thoughts alone have been invented by scientists in Iceland. more

26 May 2015 10:13 News

Leg it: A company credited with developing an anti-gravity treadmill has entered the market for healthcare devices with what it claims is the world’s first bionic leg. more

13 Oct 2014 14:02 Devices