Automation and robotics

Neil Gallant, managing director of Neutronic Technologies gives his thoughts on what the future of robotics and automation beholds for the engineering and manufacturing industry. more

8 May 2017 14:25 Opinion

Recent research has predicted that one in three jobs will be automated using robotics or software by 2025. Graham Mackrell, Harmonic Drive UK, looks at the future of robotics and the role they will continue to play. more

9 Nov 2016 10:00 News

According to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag faster return on investment, sterile conditions and safer production processes are thanks to the automation of precision moulding operations more

9 May 2016 09:00 Opinion

A group at the University of California at Berkeley has used JPK Instruments’ SPM systems to research biologically inspired polymer adhesives more

21 Jul 2015 15:52 News

Over 3,200 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions arrived for the first day of the 29th International CHINAPLAS Exhibition in Guangzhou. more

21 May 2015 00:00 News

Making millions of pipette tips a week, SSI has opted for three Sepro automation cells to help add to its output more

27 Mar 2015 10:28 Technology

ENGEL K2.jpg

Source: Engel.

Today, on the opening day of K 2013, Engel hails its position as leading European supplier of automation equipment for injection moulding machines as a key ingredient in its record €950 million turnover in 2012/13. more

16 Oct 2013 11:19 News

Sam Anson at Gsell.

Source: Gsell Medical Plastics.

The Swiss are experts in manufacturing—in understanding how things can be made well. Following a tour of selected manufacturers, Sam Anson looks at the roots of the sector, examines recent acquisitions, and picks up on challenges going forward. more

8 Oct 2013 14:56 Opinion

Collaboration between ATM Automation and a leading UK medical device manufacturer has led to the development of a fully automated solution for high accuracy, high clarity circumferential printing on a range of drug delivery components. more

2 Sep 2013 11:48 Technology

Automated equipment helps high volume manufacturers keep costs down while minimising contamination. This report reveals options to help readers, especially following complaints that automated assembly modules are limited in cleanroom operations. more

4 Apr 2013 16:32 Technology