Del R. Lawson and Tony Kaufman from 3M discuss what you need to know to avoid medical device adhesive failure. Read more

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Del R. Lawson, research and development manager and Kris Godbey, applications engineering and technical support specialist - both from 3M, discuss how to design wearable medical devices. Read more

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3M has announced that the company will be manufacturing an authorised generic version of Proventil HydroFluoroAlkane (HFA) in the United States. Read more

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Life sciences company 3M has expanded its line-up of advanced adhesives for medical devices at MD&M East this week. Read more


Tony Kaufman, and Del R Lawson, 3M’s Critical and Chronic Care Solutions Division, outline the role that adhesives play in digital wearable medical devices. Read more


A medical device used to keep patients warm during surgery is the focus point of a federal trial currently taking place in Minneapolis. Read more


3M reveals its latest adhesive and why medical device manufacturers might be interested in its development. Read more


Partner to pharmaceutical and biotech companies 3M Drug Delivery Systems announced a collaboration with therapeutic drug development company, Panacea Pharmaceuticals. Read more


Plastics-based businesses are an increasing part of the annual MTI Expo show. This event takes place in Coventry on today and tomorrow (20 and 21 April) Read more


3M scanner and milling

Source: 3M.

Dentists can now capture a digital impression of a patient's teeth and produce crowns in their practice themselves over the course of a day using a new scanner from 3M, compatible with in-office milling equipment from IOS Technologies. Read more