3D Systems

Health technology company Philips has announced that it is working together with 3D Systems and Stratasys to incorporate a 3D modelling application into clinical workflows. more

28 Nov 2017 12:01 News

MirrorMe3D is teaming up with 3D Systems to produce 3D models of patients before and after cosmetic surgery more

21 Oct 2015 09:50 News

A six-year-old boy suffering from brittle bone disease can stand again as a result of surgery using 3D technology more

8 Sep 2015 12:02 News

Stratasys will feature diverse medical applications and on-stand presentations at TCT Show + Personalize more

22 Jul 2015 13:47 News

Alan Thomas, Zwick Roell, advises on addressing catheter testing challenges after increasing regulatory pressure is challenging medical equipment manufacturers to meet strict requirements in design, testing, and production. more

13 May 2015 09:56 Technology

Model behaviour: The creation of a 3D printed model helped surgical teams with challenging surgery. more

6 Aug 2014 13:35 News

Model image: 3D Systems has acquired Medical Modeling, a key player in the use of 3D modelling and printing to changing the way reconstructive surgery is carried out. more

7 Apr 2014 14:15 News