Sam Anson

Sam Anson Landscape

Source: Julian Brown, press and public relations photogtrapher, courtesy of UK-based charity Shelter.

As the wave of consolidation continues in medtech supply chains, Sam Anson explores whether multinational OEMs should consider specialty polymer firms as acquisition targets to build their own materials development capability. Read more


Sam Anson at Gsell.

Source: Gsell Medical Plastics.

The Swiss are experts in manufacturing—in understanding how things can be made well. Following a tour of selected manufacturers, Sam Anson looks at the roots of the sector, examines recent acquisitions, and picks up on challenges going forward. Read more


In the context of marine pollution, Sam Anson believes the plastics industry is becoming a scapegoat for litter in general. Outside its control, litter is leading to unbridled “plastics bashing”, making the sector one of many victims of an epidemic. Read more


Health insurers’ analysis suggests a US colonoscopy procedure is nearly twice as expensive as that in Switzerland. The New York Times argues US healthcare costs are inflated. Sam Anson looks at the implications of downward pressure on US device price Read more


Noxilizer Oven2

Source: Noxilizer.

Sam Anson discusses this question in response to reports of hospital sterilisation departments putting single use plastic devices through more than one sterilisation cycle, both deliberately and by accident. Read more


Eucomed have applauded US-EU trade negotiations, which include a regulatory harmonisation for medical devices. Sam Anson asks how it can support a move towards a slower US system while opposing added stringency in the proposed European regulations. Read more


The west coast of the USA is known for many things, including beautiful beaches, a cosmopolitan culture and wonderful scenery. A new medical plastics conference is being held for the second time in San Francisco in June. Read more


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This phrase by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, who died in 531 BC and was a contemporary of Confucius, sums up very nicely where things have come in the last 18 months at Medical Plastics News. Read more