Helene Schöngruber and Christoph Lhota, Engel Austria, outline a new cleanroom concept with reversed airflow for high temperature applications. more

7 Aug 2017 10:00 Opinion

Manufacturer of plastic injection moulding machines, Engel, have exhibited the first-of-its-kind production of its cleanroom version of an all-electric Engel e-motion injection moulding machine, at Plastec West 2017. more

6 Feb 2017 12:05 News

After the political excitement of 2016, the world is viewing 2017 with interest and the medtech sector is no exception, says Lu Rahman more

30 Jan 2017 16:30 News

The medical plastics sector is very good at developing forward-thinking products. But what about the people behind this technology? Lu Rahman spoke to a handful of the industry’s key figures to see what makes them the drivers of innovation more

29 Nov 2016 09:55 News

Christoph Lhota, Engel Medical, outlines the way in which innovative technologies are paving the way for efficient pharmaceutical packaging and drug carriers more

23 Sep 2016 15:45 News

After 35 years, Peter Neumann, chairman of the executive board of the Engel Group of Companies, will withdraw from operational business on 30 November 2016 more

1 Mar 2016 11:26 News

With Valentines Day over and Easter fast-approaching, the second month of the year is already drawing to a close. We take a look at our most read stories from the last month. Two down and ten more to go… more

24 Feb 2016 13:10 Opinion

Some of MPN’s key contributors reveal their predictions for industry trends in 2016 more

22 Feb 2016 09:11 Opinion

Barrier-free mould area, compact manufacturing cells and a high capacity for innovation: Engel will be celebrating 25 years of tie-bar-less technology at Fakuma 2014. more

20 Aug 2014 13:20 Technology

Victory set: A set of Engel victory machines has contributed to Luc&Bel's success which manufactures high-precision components for the medical industry in a cleanroom more

11 Aug 2014 14:53 Technology

Plus points: Engel Austria has reorganised its service products and services under the Engel plus banner to create added value for its customers more

28 Mar 2014 14:01 News

As the pressure to reduce costs continues to rise, innovation, efficiency and automation increasingly become the focus for injection moulding producers in Asia. ENGEL will demonstrate how to successfully meet such current challenges at Chinaplas 2014 more

5 Mar 2014 16:01 News

Focusing on system solutions and technologies designed specifically for the medical molding market, ENGEL North America will be hosting ENGEL Medical Day events at their Technical Centers in York/PA and Corona/CA. more

26 Feb 2014 14:39 News


Source: Engel.

Engel says it is setting new standards in the maintenance of injection moulding machines thanks to its protect and protect+ service packages, which insure plastics processing firms against repair costs while improving the machinery availability. more

31 Oct 2013 11:00 Technology

Engel's new control unit has been unveiled at K 2013. The CC 300, which looks like a giant smart phone, will make the use of injection moulding machines and integrated system solutions safer and more user-friendlier and efficient. more

17 Oct 2013 07:43 Technology

ENGEL K2.jpg

Source: Engel.

Today, on the opening day of K 2013, Engel hails its position as leading European supplier of automation equipment for injection moulding machines as a key ingredient in its record €950 million turnover in 2012/13. more

16 Oct 2013 11:19 News

The new, all-electric ENGEL e-mac will be on display—for the first time in North America—October 29th and 30th in ENGEL booth #1205 at the MD&M Minneapolis 2013 show in Minneapolis, MN. more

8 Oct 2013 16:17 Technology

Engel Tri-Component Drip Chamber.

Source: Engel.

Engel have just reported record turnover close to one billion euros and 16% growth year on year. Their offerings for K in medical and new machines are as follows. more

3 Jul 2013 08:00 Technology

BASF's announcement of a €10 bn investment over seven years in Asia will stimulate much activity in the region, especially in plastics. Clinical trials of Abbott's Absorb stent in Japan are influential too. more

2 Jul 2013 00:00 News