Cook Medical

The Eluvia Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific’s recent FDA approval for the Eluvia Stent System may disrupt Cook Medical’s position in the US peripheral stents market, with Cook expected to face stronger competition trying to maintain a larger share of the market in the future. Read more

North America

The FDA has granted pre-market approval to a new device used used to help control certain types of bleeding in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Read more


Medical technology company, Cook Medical, has announced that its previously recalled Beacon Tip Catheters are available once again to physicians in the US and Canada. Read more


A partnership between universities and industrial companies in Ireland has resulted in a new research centre opening in NUI Galway, according to the Irish Times. Read more


George Freeman, British minister for life sciences has said that if Britain was to leave the EU, it would make the UK, Europe and the globe a “less secure place and hinder not help the process of global trade” Read more


Cook Medical has initiated a global, voluntary recall of all catheters with its Beacon Tip technology Read more



Image: FDA

Cook Medical has expanded the recall for its beacon tip Angiographic Catheters Read more


Cook Medical has announced a catheter recall involving 95,167 devices around the world Read more


Medical device tax is set for repeal once again as District Rep Erik Paulsen attempts to continue his quest to get the law revoked. Read more